Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

I'm not particularly comfortable with having my photo taken, so Rosa had her work cut out for her to get a 'natural' looking shot for this little article which I am totes shamed by, now that I've read all about myself... Also, fyi I'm not 27, but I'll take it!  I wore my all-time fave black dress for the shoot, which I found in Amazon (while shopping with Rosa, post-baby [no.1]). 

Just before we left for Aus, my Mum offered to recreate this dress for me - and actually made two different versions (and another cut out - yuss!!!).  I haven't been clothing shopping for quite some time, so this was a very welcome offer to me!

And I found it equally hard to pose for these shots...

 Outfit Details: 
Dress - Handmade by Mama
Merino Top - Glassons
Cardigan - Glassons
Tights - Cotton On
Nikes - Good As Gold


And how I'm wearing it in Queensland... A few less layers.

Singlet - Huffer
Dress - Mama made
Shoes - thrifted fake chucks

I don't think I've ever put this many photos of myself on my blog before, I must really like this dress!  Also, have decided to proudly embrace my fuller, post-babies figure, so I might get even braver about posting pics of myself on here...

Joining in with Wardrobe Wednesday.


  1. You look lovely and the dress is really cute!

  2. Love the lace collar on the dress and whoot for having a mama that makes more than one for you.

  3. What cho talkin 'bout Wills? You look great!! Awesome idea to recreate your favourite dress, if it aint broke.... I love the lace detail and how it works in all weathers. Ahhh sunshine, can't wait for some 'no tights' weather to come our way.

    If you want to - I have the WW link up at www.sailorspy.co.nz

  4. clever mama!!! looking so totally gorgeous Stella xo

  5. Love the dress! And I'm a bit jealous of the lovely sun and no need for layers you've got over in Aus, although it's been a lovely day over here in the Hawkes Bay here today :)

  6. You, and your new dress, are ridiculously cute. What a stunner! I really do hope you do brave up and post more Stella-photos round here, because you're beautiful.

  7. LOVE your dress, think I'll have to try recreate it for myself! and so good to see your beautiful face up in here. Going to have to get me a copy of that magazine too! xx

  8. Beautiful lady! Love that dress, and LOVE that your mama made it! Woohoo!