Sunday, February 16, 2014

Curvy Style

Hi guyz!  I haven't done one of these for a good long while huh!  I was a little out of posing practice, so these happened...

You are SO welcome.  Some things:  My cheeks are pink.  I'm trying to get my way through the 30 Day Shred (yoi) and these were taken post-mini-workout.  That's also the reason for my pink fluro socks.  NOW YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!!!  Okay, one more confession... There are some white flour marks on my dress also.  Noticed these at some point later in the day.  Made no attempt to clean them off.  My laziness knows no bounds...

Dress - Asos, Cardigan - Modcloth, Pendant - Whimsy & Grace, Ring -  c/o Osnat Har Noy, Shoes - second hand, Socks (I know you NEED to know) - Shoe Clinic.

This singlet style dress was my Christmas present to self.  I lurve it!!!  So super comfortable.  The only downside is the length, no bending over allowed.  And okay, the slogan is super cheesy.  I did also take it in on the sides, because it was originally very tent-like.  Well anyway, I still totally love it.

I wish I'd remembered to get a close up of my pendant, gifted by an awesome friend, but follow the link (above) if you want a closer look...

p.s. My computer won't let me paste or move ANYTHING!!!!  This, aside from being the most irritating computer malfunction I can think of, also means that I'm gonna hold off on excessive linking for the next wee while, because surprisingly, manually typing out URLs gets boring pretty quick.  I painstakingly typed in the link to the ring I'm wearing (can't be seen in these pics), so do go and check it out.  It's beaut.


  1. asos dresses are the shortest ever!!

  2. love these photos - you are adorable. i did four days of 30 day shred and then i stopped. i thiink i need a shredding partner

  3. check you out!!
    you are positively glowing!
    Also, I love that you make me snort laugh (which is what I do when something hilarious catches me by surprise and makes me literally el oh el - I rarely actually LOL, so it usually comes out as a snort laugh. and now you know what you do to me!)
    Miss youuuu! xx

  4. I love your curvy style posts! That dress looks great on you. Also, a big fan if your new header.

  5. Great looking outfit and agree with Dee - you are glowing! Go you!